About Better’s
tech team

We are one of the fastest-growing tech teams in NYC. Why? Because we’ve spent the past 5 years taking apart and rebuilding one of the most broken processes out there: buying a home. From automation to data analytics to security implementation, we’re moving faster than any other bank, lender, or tech start-up out there. And people are starting to take notice.

  • 210

    Our tech team is still relatively small, and every new engineer has a significant opportunity at helping us shape the technical direction and culture.

  • Best Places
    to work

    We’re one of Crain’s “Best Places to work” for 2 years running.

  • 100 deployments
    a day

    We do continuous deployment and we ship code 50-100 times every day. Iteration speed is a competitive advantage in a legacy industry, and it’s something we deeply believe in.  

  • Better

    We do continuous deployment and we ship code 50-100 times every day.

  • $405 Millions

    We’ve secured over $405 million from our investors to date.

  • 3x growth

    The tech team has grown by more than 3x since last year, and we continue to grow.

  • 15 Trillion
    dollar market

    Total value of US mortgages are currently 15 Trillion dollars. It’s one of the largest asset classes in the world, roughly as large as US equities.

  • 7 million

    About seven million Americans get a mortgage every year. Yet, the average experience is comparable to getting a root canal.