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Expanding Our Product, Design, Engineering Teams in India
2 min readFri Jul 15 2022

To build on the momentum of our India office, we’re happy to announce that Better is expanding and establishing a technical presence in the beautiful city of Gurugram. Just southwest of New Delhi, Gurugram, India, is a financial and engineering hub. We look to benefit from its vast pool of world-class engineering, product and design talent. We want to add to our existing Indian employee base of 1000, most of which are supporting our mortgage operations. We are looking to hire for many positions in 2022, including software engineers, infrastructure engineers, and data engineers.

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Better is a fintech company that has been on the cutting edge of mortgage origination automation and has invested heavily in many other products and technologies to build a holistic homeownership platform. We are looking to grow an exceptional engineering team to join the journey of making homeownership affordable. Our innovative engineering and product teams thrive in a fast-paced environment and work with some of the brightest minds to help more homeowners unlock stability, community and financial freedom.

We are proud of our engineering culture at Better—we believe in impact, ownership, customer-first mentality. We believe in speed of execution and consistent improvement. As a result, we have a robust CI/CD process that ships code to production 50+ times a day. Our loan origination system, called Tinman, is a scalable and customizable platform that lets us automate many of the complex operations involved in originating mortgages.

We are looking for engineers to help us solve our many software challenges like

  1. Identifying opportunities to build automation and streamlined workflows in the mortgage process
  2. Creating ultra-fast, highly scalable pricing engines that parse complex investor rules to find the right mortgage products for borrowers within milliseconds.
  3. Automatically reading and capturing important financial data from intricate documents with 100% accuracy.
  4. Blending various disconnected and unrelated experiences like appraisals, inspections and insurance into a streamlined and transparent process for borrowers.
  5. Aggregating megabytes of data from various sources for each borrower and delivering fast decisions and updates to borrowers and internal loan processing teams.
  6. Designing and building fast, responsive UIs to guide borrowers through their homeownership experience.
  7. Building sophisticated data pipelines to transform and load terabytes of data into our warehouses.
  8. Creating and training models for making mortgage-related decisions using machine learning.

We are excited to welcome world-class technical talent to help Better achieve its vision of making homeownership accessible.

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Tung Vo
Tung Vo
VP, Engineering

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